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Crackled Subway Tile

Tavella Series

Extra Form
Code 1000 – Tavella Series
Colour Tavella Bianco Craquelure Tavella Bottiglia Craquelure Tavella Verdone Craquelure Tavella Acqua Craquelure Tavella Blu Craquelure
Material Gloss
Size 75 x 150 mm
Country of Origin Spain

Product Description

Subway tiles in your bathroom or kitchen will add a traditional but never outdated style to the room. No matter if you choose light or dark grout, they are a great choice for a clean look. The beautiful mediterranean colours are rich, deep and captivating which will give your feature wall that WOW factor.


Lifestyle-tavola-green-150x150.jpg Lifestyle-tavola-carta-150x150.jpg AC-124V_LS-150x150.jpg

Product-tavola-mare-75x150-T30264-150x150.jpg Product-tavola-impianto-75x150-T30267-150x150.jpg AC-154V_LS-150x150.jpg